• Dentist Checklist

    1 floss 2 brush teeth 3 pop them pimples 4 pluck facial hair (especial around the lips) 5 wear a booby cover up shirt so you dont distract him 6 shower
  • dusty man at the station

    This man at the gas station his zipper was open and it was out and at first I was like wtf is that then I had tears in my eyes and it wasn’t cus I was sad. it was cus I was loosing vision lol
  • Time Flies When You Have No Life

    So I was just asked what I accomplished today and I thought I literally only cleaned my room and did some dishes… I didn’t even feed my cat. I can’t even think of what else I did today… Oh I ate…
  • my last nerve

    Can we just make a state for all the people who can’t drive!? SERIOUS CONSIDERATIONS!
  • 226 Lb

    Dear Anonymous,   I know I am over weight. I don’t want to complain that the world is a cruel, judging place. I know I am not healthy. BUT WE ALL  have our unhealthy habits. Whether it is smoking, drinking, random sex, or in my case EATING. I stress eat, at least it started out that way. Now I am hungry all the time. and that’s not even the worst part. It’s when I decide I would want to change that habit and start excising that people decide they want to make fun of you.  Because a FAT girl wearing sports clothing running down the street is hilarious. So what the heck do you want from me!? How am I going to be healthier or loose any weight and get in shape? You will make fun of me whether I stay fat (And call me lazy) or if I actually take a step to exercise. At this point  I don’t want to get out of the house. I would rather rotten at my house…
  • new day

    I woke up this morning (still in my bed) and the air coming from the window is so beautiful. It gave me tingles. It’s the perfect temperature. I smile, it’s going to be a good day, because the air is amazing.
  • lonely

    My bed is so empty without you. I’m cold every night and I’m shivery every morning. I want you back in my life, I miss your warmth, I miss hearting your heart beats as I fall asleep. I miss your smile, I miss your hugs in bed and love making in the morning. Why is it that I am here misrable and you seem okay. I mean do you miss me? Do you think about me at all? Why didn’t you call? I call you I think about you all the time. This is not fair.
  • my best friend

    I am so attracted to my best friend! She’s so hot and smart I don’t know what to do with my current relationship. My girlfriend is cute and funny and we’ve been together for 6 years and I love her I really do. I can’t imagine my life without her but that woman is fucking sexy, her tits are perfect for me and her ass is a size I can take on lol. All jokes aside, this is annoying the hell out of me.
  • Worthless

    - diary I am worthless. I want to be worth something. I want to be active and healthy, and have a good relationship and a great career. Is that too much to ask? What is stopping me from reaching those goals? What is stopping me from being happy. Other than my own self..
  • My neighbors dog

    I love animals but I want to shoot that dog!!!!!!!!!!!!